This ministry was formerly known as Theophostic Prayer Ministry. The name was changed to more accurately describe the process of ministry prayer that is Christ-centered and God-reliant for its direction and outcome.  Simply stated, it is facilitating a person to discover and expose what a he or she believes is keeping them in bondage, and then providing them with an opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ, which leads to transformation.

We trust Jesus to reveal His truth to the wounded person's heart and mind.  It is not about advice giving, diagnosing problems or sharing opinions or insight.  It is about allowing a person to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus in the midst of their emotional pain.  TPM is offered stand alone, or at the request of the discipleship-counselor or counselee.  

TPM can be added to the discipleing process for further benefit and growth.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule a TPM session, please fill out the form below.


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